Caring for your precious leather bags in monsoon

Leather bags, if not stored properly, can develop mold and mildew in the rainy season. Mold and mildew thrives if you store leather bags in a dark and humid place with less or no ventilation. Leather bags also need to be aired time to time. Some tips to remove the fungus and mildew from your leather bags:

  • Scrape as much Mold as you can off the surface with a dry nylon brush or a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Mix one part vinegar with one part water
  • Moisten a soft cloth with the mixture and use it to wipe the surface of the bag
  • Once the mold is removed, wipe it clean with a dry soft cloth
  • Sunshine is a natural mold killer. If nothing else works then put your bags in the sun for a day

With time, your precious leather bag also appears to age and wrinkle. It needs care like your own skin. Leather should be cleaned and conditioned from time to time to retain its softness and shine. Leather conditioning protects the bag from any stains and losing its shape. Ideally, the leather should be conditioned twice a year. There is a variety of leather conditioners available in the market. Following are some tips to apply conditioner on your bag:

  • Put some conditioner on a soft, lint free cloth like cotton or linen
  • Use circular motion to rub the conditioner evenly over the affected area
  • Follow the conditioning with a brisk buffing of the leather surface with a soft, dry cloth (cotton or linen)
  • Allow the leather to air dry for a few hours before using the bag

Your bags are not only your investment but companions too. They go wherever you go. If they look good, you look good too. If properly cared and handled, your precious and expensive leather bags can last for decades.


Being in my jeans

I had been building a wish list of clothes and accessories for over a month, with a good pair of jeans topping that list. To satisfy my shopping twinge, I decided to visit the largest mall and a hub for brands in Delhi NCR, the Ambience Mall. Every time I have entered this place, I have looked at the merchandise with the same eager lust of a girl in a candy store looking at the variety of candies. As I looked through the shop windows, the mannequins and the clothes hanging in different styles signalled to me that my wish will come to an end…today!

For me, buying a pair of jeans is like being in love. It should fit and feel like “this is the ONE!!!”. My first stop was Calvin Klein. They did not have the fit that I was looking for, i.e. mid rise or high rise. Anyhow, I didn’t like the fit at the other stores too and I kept on hopping from one store to another in the search of “the ONE” but to no avail. Searching for the right fit and style, and with not much time left on my hands, I decided to make Marks and Spencers my final stop. The white walls, ample space to walk, bright white lights, well behaved staff and well organised; this all made me happy. I looked through the options available and picked a few to try. After two unsuccessful attempts, the third one fit me like a mould. Voila! Finally I found it. It was magical! I couldn’t stop thinking about the footwear to go with it. Universe behold…the hunt begins! Again!


Welcome to my blog Shoppingale. I am a person who strongly believes that (..ahem! ahem!) no heel is too high or too low to walk in the galleries, the malls and the streets when it comes to shopping. An avid shopper. A brand fanatic. Love decorating my house. However, I like to keep things minimalist; be it clothes, accessories or me utilitarian!